Salvation Testo

Testo Salvation

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Do you really think
As they said
That we were the image
Of holy things

Do as he say
Do as he told
Don't you really want, to save, your soul?

They had judge
They had lied
Now it is our turn
And I'll take what is mine

Now they think, that we wouldn't dare
As they think, that we are scared
But I'll scream for all them to know
The truth pain that a lie can do

The shadow of a smile almost appears
But soon, the misery of one hasn't yet found
As Oneself takes over
Life has gave me sadness as a companion,
And poverty as a guide

They had judge
They had lied
Now I bring the truth
Salvation I'll find
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