I Hate You, But I'd Love To ... Testo

Testo I Hate You, But I'd Love To ...

Can't trust you anyway (whispers) Can't trust you anyway (repeat) The lines on your face stay A smile never goes away Your permanent mask of everything I want to see But when it gets old it starts to look fake And you left with no one to show My secret means alot to where you are and where I want you A secret so well kept that not even you know What's it like to be blind to what could change your life Forever I'll never go back How does it feel when I look away How does it feel when I know better When did "I Love You" stop meaning everything and when did "Goodbye", Start meaning anything Love is blind, it taints your eyes Such a beautiful sight not to see your face but to hear your voice, it's torture had by choice So don't catch me if I fall to you feet again

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