Scared Of The Truth Testo

Testo Scared Of The Truth

I feel somone watching over me i take off my blindfold to see what i never wanted to see the visions of you and me that is but a faded memory the light dimed when you raised your head the sky crawled with clouds as dark as your heart the drain it of the truth you wanted me you lugh as you take it away excuse me for having some dignity expose the truth just so you can deny me the turth you know is hidden inside in your hand is my heart that bleeds for you in that heart is my world thats where i keep you what i feel for you the pain i feel because of you cant you see i love you and i want nothing more look through my eyes to see clearly down the trail i traveled it i dout you could handle it you might be down in the pits a slump ego tripped there lies a void hidden just behind the mountain from where i look down and ive seen what ive wished for ive watched it die saw it it spoil fall into the void my life based on dissapointment hatred and lust for the truth i lay in this void what seem to be eternity but as your sun raises over my world i swore it was the dawn of utopia giving me light

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