If Only Tragedy Testo

Testo If Only Tragedy

Your glowing smile
and your sparklking eyes
they hypnotize me
into thinking that I'm something I won't be
in your eyes
that hypnotize

I wake up in the morning
just to see your pretty face looking at me
cause you know I could walk, I could walk
but I dont just so I can spend the best seconds of my day
with you, oh with you, oh with you

you said let's just be freinds
or nothing at all
this is too much totrure for me
more than I can handle
please girl help me tell me what to do
I don't know what to do
Cause im crazy about you
your glowing smile and your sparkling eyes
when I look into them they hypnotize
me cause you're so lovely
cause you're so lovely
you're beautiful
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