Better Health Through Screaming In Tune Testo

Testo Better Health Through Screaming In Tune

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Most times I'm listening; same words, same ringing in my head. Jaw drops, the frequency, so everyone can here what you meant to me. Approaching my days like the first step in water, sinking now, sinking now. What's that to you, when I deserve to be alone? And I don't have the nerve to make do with what I know. I've been running out before I began to lose the race I'm running in. Wake me up from my nightmare before I start liking it. This dream is just a lie Keep living your false life. Please wake me up from mine. I'm laughing but it's airtight. I watch my lungs close. How much you'll never know. I'm learning by you. You let your heart be moved. I live to see mine choke, and I'd die to watch it go. I'll learn to move along, just like you do because it feels good to be alone. But when I'm feeling harmless, there you are to fuck it up for me. Can I move along, just like you do? Because it feels good to be alone. And I'm feeling harmless. There you are. There you are. It feels good to be alone. I deserve to be alone.

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