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Amici 2015, anticipazioni puntata 25 aprile: ecco chi è stato eliminato
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I came to my senses in this parking lot.
i've found my arrogance a detriment to my heart.
i had this feeling that you're cold, and this raging fire.
i've been listening to wings every night. "let's get it on".

this is the sound of particle boards cracking;
you need a spine for that.
this is a drowning moment, so fill the bathtub up.
woe is you, dumb fuck. you screwed yourself but royally.
you're not that hopeless, you're a phoney and pride's a heavy monkey.

you dive-bombed, but that's another song for another place in time.
as long as you're feeling down, take that empty space
in your heart and make a piece of shit masterpiece for us all.
you're smart enough.

i'm headbutting the dashboard while re-capping my year
and time is wasting, i know.
i'm sitting in the backyard, taking shots to my head
and i'm wasted alone.

smile. you'll be smiling though it breaks you inside. go on.

as long as you're feeling down, take a look at what
got you this way.
you trusted opinions of all your hangers-on,
do they care for us?

Scarica la suoneria di Diver!
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