Halcyon Days Testo

Testo Halcyon Days

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
We spend the moments of our lives waiting for one to arise. Remember where the time goes? We hold on to these moments until the moment that we die. I'm saving this one for you. We watch our lives with reddened eyes when we know we need to cry. Be careful when this heart dies. Watch the waterworks fly. I'm saving this one for you. And I could not before this, and I cannot ignore that. I'm dying here. Our instincts deem it beyond our control. We've gotta fuck the ones we think we love. Just because it's human nature doesn't mean it's not fucked up. As I wander around this place, I wonder how you are. Please tell me have you changed? I want to know it all. How were your halcyon days? I wish I was involved. Jane, whatever you offer me, I'll fit the role. It's hard to live like an animal when you've bought the farm inside. It's alright because we're all slowly dying. We've got time. .

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