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Testo Jaws 3, People 0

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Let's get the fuck out of here!
Don't test the captain's validity or his vulnerability.
I've seen the necks unnaturally twisted, craned to stars in the sky.
I've felt the chill upend the happiness of idiots in minutes;
they clutch their jewelry tight and say "How lucky am I!"
And like a drunk spills boons on his varsity letter,
can we forgive a ship of fools for what they don't know better?
I guess not. "Man I hope he'll piss himself." Analyze this room.
Grab that mop and broom and clean it up.
Man I hope he shits himself
when the rest of the shipwrecked long drowned in their graves
make a claim on the souls of the heartless fakes.
"Please help, my party flew away with the ocean mist.
I narrowly escaped to the roof."
But when the Night Rangers found me (dead, but for my liver)
and said "Don't tell me you love me", abhorrent and deliberate.
How we ruined the day's remains. Sinful.
A hero's humility is a foolish amenity.
Cups of coffee speed the heartbeats of the soonest to die.
I saw the first blood in the water, someone's mother or daughter.
I wait for troutman; Give me clearance for this chopper to fly.
Because they were jumping off the backs of the only sons,
offering up light snacks of younger ones.
"Well, how fast could our legs run?"
Let's get the fuck out of here.
The weak are screaming for the captain but the captain ain't here.
How we ruined the day's remains. Sinful.
The bodies splashed like paint.
To see so many scattered cockroaches running from the light.
Oh, when i saw them floating out to the river,
the cold inside my stomach was a hunger to me.
And if the devil makes a mess of all the raw meat, let him be.
Oh how my captain sailed it straight up the middle,
but the crooked lines are quicker when you're snorting them in.
Because if the devil's at your door you leave it open.
Let him in.
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