Under My Skin Testo

Testo Under My Skin

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You done it this time like never before
over my limit can't take it no more
My blood is boiling can't sleep at night
awake in a cold sweat redy to fight
I'm like a time bomb ready to blow
chains can't hold me come on lets go
you're the reason I love to hate
And what you choose will decide your fate

I'll bring you down with me
cause I hold the key
Jailed in your sin 'cause
You're under!! Under my skin

Ready for battle swinging the chain
I'm seeking a vengeance for life and pain
I'm breathing fire can't hold it back
so lock your doors and prepare to attack
I'm the fighter the man and the boy
and it's my instinct to seek and destroy
When you hear my battle cry
don't you expect to live prepare to die


Exploding in your ears I release your inner fears
And I'm crawling up inside underneath your very hide

I got you cornered your back is to the wall
My gun pointed straight at your head
pulling the trigger so nice and easy
I can't wait to fill you with lead

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