Take That You Filthy Animal Testo

Testo Take That You Filthy Animal

Yeah I said it! Run and Hide!
They'll burn us at the stake.
They'll grow hungry, for a while.
But you'll ration them with love.

And they'll grow a passion for reaction.
While your wishing for superstitions and shaking the hand...

Shaking hands with the devil.
To see what you're missing.

It's not a warning.
It's an order of events, chronologically placed.
Do you feel, in your place?
Read ahead, you'll have to live those out as well.
So there's no use in dwelling.
When their eyes are automatic.

There's comfort in knowing people care,
So come on baby, you know me, I can't wait to bail...

Why are we running away, from what doesn't exist?
Why are we running away, from what never happened?
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