You And Your Wild Horse Testo

Testo You And Your Wild Horse

You and your wild horse can try to chase me,
But I don't have a care,
I have no worrys.
I won't be ready,
But I no how to run.
Because I can keep the faith
And I'll always know where you are today.

(verse 1)
Last night
I saw your eyes
They said you were sorry

Last night
I saw your eyes
They hurt me

Ye about me
You held me back
Stopped me from my joy of good
And you said you loved me
But all I did was turn my head up and walked away.


(verse 2)
Then one day
I saw you riding in a feild
So I stept back
Behind a tree
So I could avoid the pain
The pain you left me in, ye me



Behind that tree I could see the pain you were in ( just as bad as mine )
And I knew I loved you deep inside
( I thought for a moment )

I felt wrong,
I felt sorry.
And then thought of our love


You and your wild horse,
You can chase me,
Coz I don't really care,
I don't have a worry.
Because I'll be ready,
And I know how to run
And I'll keep the faith
Coz I know your the one...
Coz I know your the one
Oh oooh. Oh oooh!
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