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Testo Song 1 / Song 2

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Amassing a mass, yah a whole mass of nothing
because you've been told that it was worth something
tooth and nail for the first scrape of the barrel
defined by a whole slew of pointless apparel

based on images that define how we've made it
the entire time they just fucking faked it
waste our lives so that we can buy theirs
to live outside it would you fucking dare

nothing buys nothing

remember the days when you were new
unsure insecure fumbling moves
a year has passed assumed elder state
instead of a good dad you're just spreading hate

locking out those who check it out nothing to say but you scream and shout
your bitter act, your old an ways
allow me to put you in your fucking place

get fucked

been around a year and you're running the game?
I've been around longer, how 'bout I do the same?
I wish I could be proud 'cause you've grown up oh so fast
you've made it past six months but I know you just won't last

the only one that's locked out is you
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