Death Of A Blind Guide Testo

Testo Death Of A Blind Guide

Mighty among those, brought to sacrifice
but not among the great generation
arisen and used his name in order that
the generations of believers

remain faithful to him
death of a blind guide

we have seen a great temple,
with a grand altar and twelve priests,
as well as your name Jesus Christ
and in front of the altar stood a crowd

some of the priests sacrificed their own children,
other ones their wives
in adoration and mutual humbleness
some of them had harlotry with men
some took part in murders
others have countless times
sinned and done wrong

and those, gathered by the altar
were calling upon His name
and among all deeds of their infirmity
they attended the sacrifices, till the end of their days

remain faithful to him
death of a blind guide

(and now weep, and ordain the one who fasted
he was like a star, leading everything to the end
and when the Ashqelon will reach the end of his time
in the final day he will find disgrace
like all of those before him.)
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