Gods Are With Us Testo

Testo Gods Are With Us

When the Thor's power shows its might
I rise my eyes into the sky
Wild wind fills the sail
Powerfull storm is coming

We're sailing to the new worlds
To capture new plunders
Strong wind helps us swim
We're preparing to fight

In the lights of thunders
I see the ship
It's going to be ours...

For a Thor's hammer sake !!!
The battle has flared up
Blood fills the sea
Runs from death bodies

Gods are with us
Thor gave us power
Odin the might
We're offered him blood as a sacrifice

Thor give me the power
Again i eager to the fight
In spite of my hurting wound

[repeat chours]

Another flash in the darkness
Our might rings in the seas
Victory in glory
Mathless in fight
We're sailing away...
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