Prologue - The Majesty Of The Sacred Mountain Testo

Testo Prologue - The Majesty Of The Sacred Mountain

He acquired thousand names
Each sequential dictated by fear
Thousand times he burnt on stake
To arise from the ashes
Stronger then ever before

The Beast
Everyone wanted to kill him
He wasn't human
His throne
Surrounded by stony ring of time
Rolled in by the flames
From the heart of
Mother earth
Serpents guarded gates of his kingdom
To fulfill the curse
The tree of life was it's heart
every of his thoughts
Whereas thoughts were confined
Like birds in a cage
In a helmet
Which couldn't be removed
Being born in it

(I will make their hearts hard
So they will never know the real name
Let free volition be a blessing for those,
who will acquire the Knowledge
I will make them keepers of all keys.)

Cursed let be those,
for whom they are weakness
Stones in their eyes
are bigger then Mother Earth
and from their lips runs a sea of blood
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