Under Thee Sign Of The Pentgram Testo

Testo Under Thee Sign Of The Pentgram

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
In darkness I found myself
Only here my soul can be free
I spat in the face of your god,
And I cursed his name a houndred times
I becomed a wolf to snath the limbs of christ...
Blasephemer, that pisses on your holy graves...
Dragon, that burns your temples and rapes
Daughters of those, who dare meet me in battle...
Come join my crusade
And the christian fools we shall destroy
We shall burn the heavens with the flames
Of our hearts!
For when we are gathered
Nothing can stop us!
In the name of the Antichrist!
We shall impale the prists
All nuns shall swallow our seeds
And the pope's blood shall cover my unholy sword's blade!
Under the sign of the Pentagram we march!
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