Upon The Throne Of Serpents Testo

Testo Upon The Throne Of Serpents

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
At the bottom of serpentine throne
The lords of the whole world went down on their knees
The power of the people of Earth was blooming

A destiny of the great empires was being decided
The mighty of the world were dazzled by power
The lords of the world were carrying out their duty

And when the hard times came
Hunger, plague and death were taking their toll
Powerlessness took their dream away

The great warriors celebrated honour
Traitors conspired betrayal
The deceitful engaged in intrigues
But today the remnants fall, splashed with blood
At the bottom of serpentine throne

U stóp wê¿owego tronu
Padali na kolana w³adcy ca³ego œwiata
Kwit³a potêga ludu ziemi
A gdy nasta³y z³e czasy
G³ód, zaraza i œmieræ zbiera³y swe ¿niwo
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