Crowded Room Testo

Testo Crowded Room

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Excuse me, yeah I'm talking to you.
Look in the mirror, could you tell me
what you see?
Hard hearts are crashing in a crowded room.
You never felt so good, you never felt so free.

Save you from yourself
before you start to deal with everyone else.
You should have kept it to yourself,
now we're looking to fight, this isn't alright.
Alright, you better hold your scripted tongue
if you ever plan to use those words again.
The future doesn't make much sense
with you at the helm with your friends.
This is where that ends.

You've got a problem here.
The tide is turning you inside out.

This won't take long your reign is done.
We are the innocent ones
You can't take back the damage done
This is the last time you will shine.
Spare us your excuse,
cuz this exercise of self-abuse
will swallow everything that you hold dear
the further you are, the closer we get,
the more you need to hold your scripted tongue
If you ever plan to use those words again.
The hallways are filled with silence
and gawking stares that don't care.
This is where that ends.

This is the last time you will shine.
The last time you will shine.
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