One More Weekend Testo

Testo One More Weekend

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Somewhere hiding underneath,
Kicking off covers while you sleep.
Soon you're gonna leave, so leave us
one more weekend.

You've got all the friends you need,
bad tattoos and worse IDs. You feel alive.
Do you feel alive?

You'll go off, you'll forget,
you'll grow out of hanging from the edges,
breaking off the past.
You'll know when to move on,
you'll know when to take all the right chances,
never looking back.

Somewhere hiding underneath,
driving around these empty streets.
Do you think you're better off dead,
better off dead than alive in here?
You've got all the friends you need,
bad tattoos and worse IDs. You feel alive,
do you feel alive?


How could you think the time we spent was all wasted
sleepwalking through every morning that we took for granted?
Maybe the time we spent was not wasted...
Let it go, i'll let you go.


We are half alone, out hearts are leaving home.
Now we don't belong to anyone at all.

Somewhere hiding underneath,
kicking off your covers while you sleep,
you feel alive.
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