The Virus Code Testo

Testo The Virus Code

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I am your heroin
That controls the eruption of Gods
Descending the spheres of thousand (black) aeons
An equal gravity of worms...
A fortune of Cosmos
A fragile dream...

Putrescence at levels, the Age of distant zones
An architect of marionettes... diabolical spawns
Reforming all the characters of the "gentle" mankind
Extremity with sequence by nature's side

I am your scars
Of the failing unity
A symmetry of numbers, an empty code
An equal gravity of worms
The only eternity
A filthy steroid entwine the truth and false

Annihilated codes with artificial rules
Incarnating the virus of generative wombs
A sun that regulates the organical soils
Confusing all the energies of a visual choice

I am the Virus of human's purity
I am the Code of every human sin

Invoking my poison that leads to the other side
A product of evil corrupting the faith of I
I am the Virus of human's purity
I am the Code of every human sin
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