Freddy Mercury (Will Suck Yo Dick Off From Beyond The Grave) Testo

Testo Freddy Mercury (Will Suck Yo Dick Off From Beyond The Grave)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You grow up quick learning everything the hard way
you're fucking up everyday but i can't complain
the things you're taught are taken for granted
the lessons learned you can't ever plan it
you play with fire and you're gonna get burned
a penny saved is a penny earned
but when your life is done man what have you learned
you can't win every day of your life
so why spend the next with pain and strife
you've got another day so make the most of each
before your time is up and life's out of reach
there's no one there to guide you through the light
lifes a struggle but you gave up the fight
no matter what you do this world has got you beat
nineteen years old and you can't break me
i played with fire and you know i got burned
i got all those dollars that i didn't earn
but when my life is done what did i learn?
you won't make it out of here alive
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