Sparkle Testo

Testo Sparkle

Marco Carta sarà un naufrago dell'Isola dei Famosi 2016
Soon you'll fade away
Past the shop displays
Com'on honey
Life has just begun for you

Demons at my side
Keep me warm at night
They make sure that
I will never be alone

I can make of you
Something good to me
I can think that what happened
made us free
But i can't lie about you- to you

We fed upon our flesh
And bled till we confessed
'cause the pain is freedom
And your pain is you

You without the tears

You without the rules
Com'on people let's bride
our evil too

'cause i won't lie 'bout
you- to you

People fade away
Past the shop displays
Walk on honey
Life has just begun for you
For you
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