(Tina's Got A) Brand New Boy Testo

Testo (Tina's Got A) Brand New Boy

When i was seventeen i caught a signal
down my spine
Just falling all around until it comes
you get the idea
That would take you to the sky
And that takes you to the sky
Takes me to the sky
Mary we sit watching all the pretty lines
drawn in our hands
That show the seed inside you all
And hide our face as we pretend
Tina's got a brand new boy
I got me all the names they all line up
deep in my sleep
Producing all the adrenaline that taints
my iron ships
And that would take me to sky
And take you to the sky
Take you to the sky
Tina i saw it inside you but it is inside me
The ceiling is big big amp
Can hear your breath on him for free
Tina's got a brand new boy
Brand... new
Brand... New
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