Falling Down Testo

Testo Falling Down

I've been in this place before but it's been a few fucking years
laughing at myself while i'm choking dwon the tears
i could pretend i'm hard as rock that nothing really affects me
but dealing with your shit it always threatens to break me
why am i fallin down again
there's too much shit in my head
you don't fucking understand
that i'm falling down again
looking back i believed every single word you said
looking back i ask myself who was i trying to kid
i drink myself retarded i want to fuck someone up
in the end it's worthless nothing really lifts me up
every single day i go to the extra fucking mile
to hide my contempt and anger behind a smile
to hold it within me it's hiding inside
until the day i explode or lose my fucking mind
i awaken in the morning to face anotehr day
nothing ever changes my skies will always be gray
blaming myself for something i had no control over
sometimes i hear your voice i wish it wasn't over
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