Eden Quest Testo

Testo Eden Quest

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Someday accepted as you for you.
Someday accepted as me for me.
Someday blind eyes will plainly see.
Someday all walks of life will be free.
Someday the meek will refuse boundaries.
Someday the blessed will be the deserving.

Land of burning vision, the nightmare before my eyes.
The sore of the truth attacking the body of lies,
the light of the proof overcoming jaded minds.
You can lie to yourself, you can abandon the world,
you can pray on the cure nature's judgement still stands.
Pray to the stars, cry to the sky, demand an eye for an eye,
do you save sight, or ease minds?

Land of burning vision, the nightmare before my eyes.
Eden Quest for proof, Eden Quest for light,
quest for explanations to the suffering of life.
Never been a night so cold; never been a day so bright.
Spit in the face of the courteous oppressor
like a slap in the face from the do-good master.
Till the last bite, till the last breath, till everything is free.
till you accept me for me
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