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Testo Impact

i'm the disco fucker of the new generation. i'm in line with active invention, here's a fist to forward your fucking evolution. head full of ten o' clock education. military action gives me justice and american solution. it's the headline of the baby in arms. hand to hand darkness that shuts the curtain on this week's call to arms. running runway operations, turning the machine, it's another vote of confidence to booming world war economy. television ethic of crisis on demand. this is advancement, this is entertainment. was it iraq, or kosovo, korea, or japan, panama, vietnam, great britain, or the father land? can you hear the dream at night falling in the sky? marching with god, throwing stones across the ocean. it's this week's topic of discussion, a headline of the past. it won't make an impact unless it's fucking armageddon. nine shots to the head my god i'm still fucking breathing. coming at you live on tv.

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