The Disco Before The Breakdown Testo

Testo The Disco Before The Breakdown

If you follow the jaw line down over the heart,
the curves of your bone and muscle that make up your head to toe...
it's just skin and thread, stitches and ligaments,
words that we spoke only to regret.
I know they're going to laugh at us
when they see us out together "holding hands" like this.
They wouldn't understand it if we told them all the reasons,
not that I think this deserves any kind of explanation.
We can make it up so we've got a smile painted on all the time,
no matter what it's like on the inside.
We'll kepp this, keep us like a secret,
because if my family and friends ever found out about the things we could never be,
haunts we'll all keep, so fucking bittersweet.
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