Get My Math Testo

Testo Get My Math

Step in the club, with my girls like whut
Lookin so tight, and u know wazup
I meet your eyes, and yours meet mine
Thinkin this might be your time (ooh)

Ecstatic, dramatic, I need u like an addic
Cum on and, jump on it
Make sure that your game is tight

Work it
Try a little harder
Spit it
If u wanna roll babe
Twirk it
U might get my math from me

Your doing what a real man should
The way you move, it feels so good
Attraction boy, is plain to see
Come on baby, rock with me (hey)

If u wanna step to me
If u wanna get next to me,
If u wanna step to me
Make sure that your game is tight
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