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Testo As The Fall Breaks

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Injustice between brothers left un-mended, with no chance left to reconcile.
Will you forgive me in my memories?
For I can't turn back the hands of time.
Haunted by questions of what could have been.
Sorrow, shame, regret.
Friendship defiled.
The smoke settles as the echo fades.
This quiet stillness is so peace less.
Hopeless decision made in haste, leaving only “numb” - the hand scrawled explanation.
Why couldn't you have waited five more minutes?
Why couldn't I have spared five more of mine?
Who am I to shed a tear?
The Hope I bear I bore inside.
The silence shatters as the fall breaks.
Lifetime reflection in a momentary decent.
Tragic accident without warning left so many ends untied.
Why couldn't I have said I'm sorry?
Why had I forsaken you?
Brotherhood I have defiled.
The Love I bare I have denied.
Brother against brother, selfish stubborn battle.
Petty qualms fester deep, severing all ties.
Principles borne to heart have all been pushed aside.
Tragedy reveals this squandered wasted time.
Great truths revealed through grave mistakes.
Hard lessons learned through retrospect.
Bite not the hand that has been offered.
Deny not a hand to help another.
Let bitter judgment fall the way of hate and embrace thy brethren.
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