Embrace The Beauty Testo

Testo Embrace The Beauty

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Reflecting upon history, things of the past that cannot change.
Self-inflicted torture, the everlasting pain of revisited experiences of yesterday.
Walking backwards through life ever dwelling on the uncontrollable.
Perception of hope withers to bitter disillusionment.
Ahead lies an unbeaten path, a road yet un-traveled, free from the wreckage of the trail behind.
A choice at hand, freedom or chains?
Embrace the hope of a new day.
Cast off the shackles of haunted memories.
Embrace the Beauty of healing love and redemption.
Embrace a new beginning.
Leave behind all fear and trembling.
Embrace the glory that overshadows remembrance-borne misery.
Memories that once tore the soul apart, sealed away in a whitewashed history.
No longer strangled by a hopeless outlook.
Embrace the beauty of a new beginning.
Embrace the gift of grace and mercy.
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