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Let's go!
It's never too late to be early
Or try and maintain
Some scrap of integrity and certainty
I guess.

(My fingers)
Won't apologize
(Are blistered and bleeding)
And 1977...
Was a long time
(Was a long time)
Time ago
(Time ago)
I don't care.

I don't care how things
Were and I won't
I won't apologize.
Fuck you.

And the alamo penetrated
And there is little hope
For the white man so
Hop on your rainbow
And ride...

(My fingers)
So I'll ride it into
(Are blistered and bleeding)
And ride into oblivion
For all I care
(There's no longer)
You could be early
Or late
(That you brought)

Scarica la suoneria di Pulmonary Archery!
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