Over-rated Testo

Testo Over-rated

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Traduzione di Over-rated
You think it's cool, just cuz they're telling you
You gotta have it, then you'll never miss it at all
You need the thrill, just cos it's killing you
You're so close, so don't take it too far

Where there's smoke you'll find a mirror
It's over-rated
I've watched it fade
So please don't give in
Don't forget what you believe in
It's over-rated
It's not worth chasing
Don't you know that
You'll love to love and then you'll hate it

Love and lost and everything between
It's perfect, it's poison that made me fall
You want it bad
Don't want it to skip away
It's too fast
Gonna drag you down


Coming close now, not any clearer
With every breath you're going deeper
But I will pull you back to me
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