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Testo Fight Ali

[Intro] Hey, yes Where's your faith in Jesus Um hmm, um hmm, um hmm, um hmm You think I don't understand You think your baby don't know what's going on How come everyone keeps tellin' me What my own two eyes should see Where's your faith in me 1 - And still I love you And I'm still gonna pray for you And I still got hope for you And I still gotta make my move I don't care what they say to you I still got a thing to do Fight and it's on you So what am I suppose to do 2 - Is it really not right to fight for you I didn't come all this way just to loose I didn't give you my heart so you could break it We're gonna make it Even if I have to fight for you Freedom is a basic right You can't take what's mine I don't let nobody hold me down I gotta fight Gotta keep my dignity Gotta do what I believe Can't you understand I'm tryna make a stand, hey hey Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 2 Oh, cuz I will if I have to If I have to, I will You know I will if I have to If I have to, I will And I won't loose if I have to If I have to I will, oh And my will's gonna stand, watch you Stand here watch you walk and turn your back on me Said I'll fight for you, baby

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