Alive Testo

Testo Alive

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I still remember it was day number one We hit the ground and then we started to run Now we're connected and I won't turn around Cuz you set me free,put my soul at ease Bridge: I just can't stop the feeling What you give is what I'm needing I just won't stop believing On and on it's only just begun Chorus: I'm feeling so alive make it last forever Everyday is right whenever we're together I'm so alive and loving every minute Underneath the sky there's a heaven for you And I,I feel so alive Day number two and there's a difference in me We're getting closer, baby,spiritually I got this feeling it was just meant to be There's an energy between you and me Bridge Chorus Like a waterfall coming down on me I can't go back cuz I'm too deep You make me see those things that I never see You know the remedy, it's obvios me Chorus

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