Days Full Of Wonder Testo

Testo Days Full Of Wonder

(Lyrics: Gold / Music: Gold-Rusczcynski)

When you feel so far away
Though you're close to everything
And the feeling of estrangement's
Creeping up on spider's legs
Even in these days of wonder, even in the age of faith
There are some who goin' under
There are some who never got it made
So you passed so many years in a labyrinth of traces
Running round and round they led
To no one but yourself
Here comes the eternal stranger
He who has fallen from grace to the iron grounds
And I'm tolling my bell just to let you know
I'm here by your side in these days full of wonder

In the ashes of your time
When the dragon screams for more
The reptiles make their comeback in your eyes
And heroes fall for heroin and heaven falls for fake
And Doris' Daisies burn to hell
On the grand parade of lies
In the middle of the night when the last of god has died
And the only friend you've got
Is the heartbeat of the clock
That music plays for all time, the tv light is freezing
The war-paint on your face.
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