Golden Feeling (dreamscapes Version) Testo

Testo Golden Feeling (dreamscapes Version)

golden feeling (dreamscapes version) the streets are opened wide for a brand new adventure the asphalt flashes in the light & the black leathered knights are crawling out of their basements & handing the tickets fo´r the night though this place is so crowded you feel so alone 'cause you're eye to eye with him and you know he will take you he's got nothing to lose and there's no way for you to win desperados in love won't kill this sweet dove for nuggets of fleeting bliss c'mon, c'mon you can't escape the bleeding bullet of a kiss here comes that golden feeling it's shining in your eyes we're always going on and on right from that day they start to shine it's a new situation the start of a game, you've already won the prize he's a lunatic dancer who's not aware that he's skating on thin ice there's no turning back no time for regrets, you should've known better, though

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