Heartbreaker Testo

Testo Heartbreaker

(Lyrics: Gold-Lister / Music: Gold-Bloss)

I feel so lonely when I'm not with you
It's such a shame that I'm spending my time
Without you
Yet I have found you're from a different world
It must be Venus cause love's such a prime time
With you, girl
Don't you understand
We ride on a space-ship out of control,
How sublime
Who's breaking who's heart first
You say you can't do it, mama
Yes you can
It's so easy to do
By giving me less of your love
Than you hold in your heart
My baby with your come-to-bed eyes
Just one little kiss from your lips
Is enough for a lightyear or more in love
You're breaking my heart
Each night that i don't get enough
Each night, and i can't get enough of you
Each night and i can't get enough of you
Each night and i can't get enough...
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