Life Is King Testo

Testo Life Is King

(Lyrics: Gold / Music: Gold-Lloyd-Echolette)

Life's a garden, life is king
Life is all and everything
Life is golden, life is fair
Like a rainbow in your hair
Life's a once fantastic light
Life is shining in the night
Life's a fire from above
Life is you and life is love
Life is golden, life is king
Life is all and everything
Nothing to believe in
It's just there - without a care
And no religion than the enigma of love
Life is king
Life's a poison much too strong
Makes you running on and on
Life's a drug
And not your friend
Life will kill you in the end
Life is smooth and life is friction
Life is such a contradiction
Life is god
And god needs lives
Life's a billion battlecries
Life is golden. . .
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