One Step Behind You Testo

Testo One Step Behind You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm moving
I'm not going to rest till i find you
I'm following one step behind you
I'll do what I do to remind you
I'm following one step..
I've been keeping strange hours
I've been saying strange things
I've been places where I should not go
But I catch conversations that feature your name
And my ears and my eyes never close
I've been all of the places where you used to be
And your friends don't remember my face
I don't know if you wonder what's happening to me
I don't vanish that easy, I'll make you believe me
I'm moving...
Did the voice sound familiar on the landing below
Are the footsteps behind you like mine
You're a thought in my head I could never let go
And that thought takes up all of my time
Swallowed up by obsessions that can't be denied
I can't find out what's right and what's wrong
Swallowed up by the whirlpoos of colours at night
Oh, please show me no mercy, my reason deserts me
I'm moving...
There's so many people that you knew
To understand everything you do
You're too far ahead now to need them
They live on the streets, you can't see them
The small and the crushed and the helpless
The weak and the cruel and the useless
They're following one step behind you
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