Sweet Dreams Testo

Testo Sweet Dreams

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Lyrics: Gold/Nielson, music: Gold/Lister)

There you go once again getting me into deepest trouble
And shatter my whole life again
Oh sweet illusions, you're so ting-a-ling
Let me dream, let me dream, let me dream on
And forget about everything

I tried so many times, I promised so many things
That I would bring the stars right down to your feet
But this time it's gonna be real, this time it's gonna be great
I know this time we'll make it, we'll take it to the top

And I won't hide away again from myself
And stop pretending that I'm somebody else
Cause it's so hard to take when they've all gone away
My sweet dreams, my sweet dreams

Oh darling, listen to me, I'm telling you for true
Yes, I know that I've done wrong - to cheat on you
But please don't let me down in love - ain't hurt you anymore
I'm sure I'll burn in hell one day but marry me before

I've travelled to far flung places, I've seen so many things
But I have never kissed someone so devine
This time it's gonna be real, this time it's gonna be great
I will do - I will do - I will do - oh - everything for you

And I won't hide away again from myself..
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