Fiery Dragon Testo

Testo Fiery Dragon

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Something in this world isn't right
My soul is flyin' into the night
The dragon is now by my side
And he takes me on a ride

I'm flyin' on his wings of darkness
Everything seems to be heartless
The wizard provokes me for a fight
And I reply "Feel my might!"

Fiery dragon - fly in the night
Fiery dragon - in the night
Fiery dragon - fly in the night
Fiery dragon - in the night

The dragon of the fire stands right beside me
I'm everything I ever wanted to be
My power makes him to my slave
And we'll return into the dragon's cave

"And the wise man spoke to the white knight
That he would never, never had any chance
Until the dragon warrior comes from the icy hills.
But this is another story and should be told
Another time."
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