I'm Your Provider Testo

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Testo I'm Your Provider

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You are not alone tonightThe reason you can't sleep is lying next to youYou are afraid you'll dieA dull pathetic life scares the hell out of youYou wet the bed with tears and sweatThe bastard on your side turns away from youYou regret the life you ledKeep thinking of a way there's nothing you can doBut in the dark of night a flashing lightA sudden pain in the back of your mindYou've now reached the other sideA satanic force fills your spineI am pure evil - six six sixYour download pleasure - I play the tricksPlay the tricks I am your providerI'm your private kickI am your providerYou have called me, lustfull whoreSeek the thrill, christian swornNow push enter, open the doorSeek the pleasure, the highest scoreDeeper and deeper I creep in you fleshWe howl at the moon as if we were beastsI lick the sweat from your breastWe unite in this satanic feast

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