Give Me More Time Testo

Testo Give Me More Time

Michelle Obama, karaoke in auto: il web impazzisce
In my heart the song was singing
Like a bird who lost her nest
In my heart the song was hiding
All the joy she could posses

I was sad that day
I was so sad
Walking in that store
Then they played
Some music on the radio
A little bit easten
I think so

And suddenly my soul was Lifted up
I felt suspended in the air
Like the clothes
Hanging down from the shelves
In that afternoon

I wanna thank you life
Please give me more time,
More time, more time
So I can feel the joy
Of the making new music

And put together those two chords
That can heal a broken heart
A motherless child
A hopeless mind
An unseen spirit
An unforgiven prisoner

Please give me more time,
More time, more time
Please life, give me more time
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