The Geeks Get The Girls Testo

Testo The Geeks Get The Girls

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Another Friday night, to get the feeling right
At the bar when he sees her coming over
What you gonna do, if she walks up to you
Tongue tied better get yourself together
Pound another drink, to give him time to think
What's your sign hey I think you know a friend of mine
All the stupid lines, that he had ever heard
Wouldn't come to mind he couldn't say a word
Tonight tonight, he's gonna get it right
Even losers can get lucky sometimes
All the freaks go on a winning streak
In a perfect world, all the geeks get the girls

Got her holding steady, forget her name already
Sweatin' hard not a smooth operator
She's got it going on, dancing to her favorite song
He's got the line is it your place or mine
She turns and walks away, where did he go wrong?
But waiting by the car, she says what took you so long

The very next day, he guessed she ran away
The one and only in his bed so lonely
But she comes walking in, with coffee and a grin
Crazy as it seems, it wasn't just a dream
And all around the world, people shout it out
The geeks get the girls

Last night he finally got it right
Even losers can get lucky sometimes
All the freaks go on a winning streak
Shout it all around the world cause the geeks get the girls
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