Enslavement In Sorrow Testo

Testo Enslavement In Sorrow

The things I took, and the things you gave
Don't expect me to understand your choice
The grave forgives mistakes eternally due
Forever enslaved to the grimness of my soul

Condemned to inner peace restlessly floating above life
The shade of hate confuses me, the anger fades away
Release me from this pain and my killing spree

Times of melancholy serve the purpose of decay
My mind suffers from never ending surges in agony

Ohh, my life ends
Ohh, a whispering wish
For me, a sword unleashed in agony
For me, a greed unknown by your deity

Enslavement in sorrow...

At the moment I realize everything is gone
I feel free from emotions

The frail heart strengthens with stone
No longer can I weep for events long gone
My hate has withered into a dead face
The anger carries me into the dark void

My sorrow slowly fades into a remorseless hate
Enslave yourself to your own lies
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