Sleepwalking Atheist Testo

Testo Sleepwalking Atheist

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Don't you trust that wicked lie
Human hangers are just nature's novelty.
I'll protect you make good with all I have
I'll remind you

Here is the truth
Your mirror is the falsest god you'll ever know.
It has no soul and envies the pulse beneath your throat.
But gods they die slow
Before we commit deicide
Trust your eyes
And I will not let you fall.

It's not fair in the way that you judge your self
They parade bones and skin on the cover page.
If we have to choose deicide
God is biting the curb.

Just say the word and ill dance through glass,
Cut through the pain to show you how it teaches resolve,
I wont let them hollow out your hope

But gods die slow
Before we commit deicide
Trust your eyes
And I will not let you
Fall despite where you might jump from.
Gods will fall before I let you disappear inside this syndrome
Idols made of conceit will meet their end.

I've climbed through the skies
And I stand here before you
Have you not heard me pleading?
This is the way this story ends

So I've come for your blood
And whatever else there is
I'm not taking your jive this is deicide,
Yeah, your gonna pay for your wicked tongue,
Bleed you till your bone dry
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