Appreciate Your Hands Testo

Testo Appreciate Your Hands

Incidente in Thailandia, gravissima la cantante di Disney Channel
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Verse 1:

You try, you try, you strive
You aim to please
But nobody cares, nobody sees
I have a taste for talent wasted
Oh, waste it on me, waste it on me


Bury your shovel by the door
Nail your hammer to the floor
This job is for a gentle hand
You have so much love to give
And I am here to welcome it
As long as you've got time to spend
And Ill be the kind of work…
That appreciates your hands

Verse 2:

You're a hero gone to waste
Untouched, unused
(But) I've never been
This beautifully rescued
Medals on your chest No one salutes
I am in debt; I don't deserve you

Scarica la suoneria di Appreciate Your Hands!
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