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You know you ain't going nowhere
you're stuck insidewhile the mind is flying
you said you'd help me in the morning
twisting on pins into my eyes
and we driving on the ceiling below
you... facin' up the walls with your crocked hands
while you're miles away
I don't think at all end up like this
there's spiders on the wall and they stink of piss
dead heads lying in the corner
staring at me making me feel BAD
I put my hands up to my eyes
but the holes in my palms
let me find a way
to corner you
I can't feel my chest
because it ain't much sucking through my skin
into my BRAIN oxygen pushing on
the window cracks in the glass
let it slip away
I start to cry and I keep on laughing
I close my eyes at what's left inside
and then i'll ran away

For all the time this land
for all the time in my hand
slip around... once again

Razor blades floating in the warm
bath air bubbles in your veins
turning my hands black
whispers coming from the next room
window cleaner keeps on SPYING
I put my hands up to my eyes
but the HOLES in my PALMS
let me find a way to corner me
hammer for my breakfast
slipping of the edge in catatonic
blood multiple decibel inscriptions trying all they
can in miles an hour ... face
grey and looming downwards
sniffing ALL THE TIME for a ounce
of silence screaming all the way
numbers counting down inside me
solar system thoughts circle round my HEAD
false teeth hanging from the ceiling
feet looking of the goms
of the 2nd son
I eat my hands cos my legs are crying
you BROKE my neck cause
I snapped my spine
I wish you would die away

To all the time in this land
and all the time in my hands circle
round in depth found calmness
fall once again
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