Everywhere Testo

Testo Everywhere

White illusions of white supremacy
They think they are the best no one's left to beat
White man spokes to me blind in his prejudice
Blacks you have to rape the rest you gonna kill
So people die tonight, today and everywhere

So man don't trust in white kill'em where they stood tonight
No mercy for the great white man his illusions never change
He shall hang now for his lies while flaming angels cross the skies
He shall bleed now on his knees for his sins he will bleed

For your sins you'll burn in hell guilty for eternity
Not forgiven not forgotten not forsaken not unreal
My heart is burning deep your hate, your greed
My heart in anger screams don't bleed, don't bleed
Silent killing everyone don't share my love to all of them
Burn, burn

So people die tonight, today and everywhere

Kill all the white people
Kill all the white people
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