I Know What Love Is All About Testo

Testo I Know What Love Is All About

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[Verse 1]
Its about finding a new experience with someone you never thought you meet, who totally turns
your life around completely, helping you get a job and keeping you off the streets, church on sunday
morning, eventually I'm saving money, sending my life in a new direction, now I'm friends with my old man
again, standing here wearing this wedding band I can say I knew love because of you, say I know love

I know what love is all about
I know what love's all about

[Verse 2]
I used to think that love was just a weekend thing, the way you make me feel, sharing a moment
of emptiness, but you see that wasn't nothing, cause the moment she left I forgot about her, until you
came in and you showed me what it really felt to be loved, and kissed, and held, and prayed for, and
wanted, and nutured and guided, and ohh to be understood


I know I can sit here and I can talk about it cause i've experienced it, and im feelin it, im livin it
right here right now, I got somebody who loves me for me, got somebody who loves me for me,
I know sometime I have to realize that sometimes its about compromise, and you can't always have your
way, cant always have it your way, love is about realizing and love is about redirecting your discisions,
wether to go out all night long or go home to the one you love, its about taking care of your family, and
taking care of your kids, and holding your wife at night and letting her know that the bills will be paid
on time and that you look and you listen to her cause its about love, say love, say love
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